Posted by: Winged Knits | June 18, 2010

Goodale pattern is available for purchase!

Goodale is back from a wonderful tech editor and is up for sale! Thank you everyone for all the kind and encouraging words about this pattern:)


  1. Bought it! Melissa did a lovely job with the photos too! I love that intense turquoise blue of the background against the serene color of the cardi. And you make an exquisite model for your knits 🙂

  2. what a cute sweater! I just opened up my ravelry friends activity and this was all over the page! Congratulations on such a great design.

  3. What a great summer card! (love that dress, too, btw!)

  4. Such a sweet cardi! I love the neck closure and the pockets. Terrific photos, too.

  5. Love this cardigan. Can’t wait to finish two other projects so I can get started on it.

  6. i’m going to get on the goodale train next month. i know it left the station already, but i’m anxious to catch up. such a CUTE cardi!

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