Posted by: Winged Knits | August 12, 2014

New Pattern: Meridian

And a second pattern release this week, Meridian

           DSC_4705          DSC_4889

pocket detail


Meridian is a cozy, easy to wear cardigan knitted in the incredibly soft and quick to knit Quince and Co.’s Osprey. It is worked in one piece from the top down.
Meridian is cast on at the top of the back of the collar and this part of the collar is worked in Double Moss St to the neck. Then the yoke shaping and body pattern stitches begin and stitches for the front collar sections are cast on and the sweater is continued in one piece (except for the pockets). Once the body is complete, the CO edges of the front collar sections are seamed to the sides of the back collar section.

For more info, or to purchase the pattern, please visit the Ravelry page here:



  1. I love this! And I’ve made a sweater out of Osprey. It wears like iron!

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