Posted by: Winged Knits | July 27, 2012

Landing, T-shirt and Jeans

So now that you have seen the beautiful, professional photos that Carrie took of the beautiful, professional, styled models-

I thought that I would do a post with some silly, not the best photos, but something to show how the knits from Landing look in a more casual setting. What is more casual than a t-shirt and jeans!

Sorry! As I put these up I realized that the lighting was even worse than I had thought, but I did mention “casual” right 😉

All the best, Cecily



  1. I actually found this post really helpful. Somehow it made it much easier to picture ME wearing these sweaters, perhaps because I also wear jeans & t-shirts a lot.

  2. i love this whole collection so much! I agree that seeing the casual photographs is so helpful! how will i decide which to make first? (i think i’m leaning towards spindrift, or maybe driftwood?)
    p.s. your hair looks super cute!

  3. You look fabulous! I think just as good as the pro photos; because here it is so natural… Like just walking into a room. Can’t wait to start knitting. Whole collection is awesome

  4. Oh, I wouldn’t worry about the lighting Cecily. Your latest designs are delightful!

  5. Since I’m a jeans and t-shirts kind of gal myself, I love these. I can see how I’d *feel* in these pieces. Beautiful work.

  6. The casual photos make me want to knit everything even more!

  7. I already bought the pattern book but I am glad you did this. I’ve done patterns before that looked great on the model, but for some reason looked totally different on me (and not in a good way). This was perfect! You look great in each and really bring out the versatility – meaning, everything with jeans because that’s how I wear things 🙂

  8. I love that your items look as awesome in casual mode as they do in cool, super styled mode.

  9. I already loved the collection but these pics make me NEED to knit them. It’s helpful to see the knits as most of us would wear them day to day! 🙂 You look lovely!!

  10. Just pre-ordered the print book–so excited! Congratulations on making your vision come together so, so beautifully.

  11. I really love your designs. Now, after seeing these photos, I don’t know with which one to start. Congratulations to your book!!!

  12. these photos are adorable! I love the sweaters and your haircut. thanks for sharing!

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