Posted by: Winged Knits | February 4, 2012

Sewing and styling for my book

In the fall, Carrie and I took a sewing class from Z Fabrics. I am now no longer afraid of sewing machines. It used to seem that if I stepped with in a foot or two of one, it would break, but not any more! I am in fact so confident now that I decided to sew skirts for much of the styling for the self published book I am working on.

Here are the ones that I have made so far-

They are all made out of 1 or 2 rectangles with a casing to add elastic at the waist. I got Brett Bara’s book – Sewing in a Straight Line and used one of the skirt patterns as a starting point. I used fabrics of all different weights and lined some with a very light weight fusible interface (one of them I lined with a much heavier interface to make it poof out!) and made them in different lengths and with different amounts of fabric for the gathered waist.

As a very, very novice seamstress, and even though I still can’t actually sew in a straight line,  I highly recommend Brett Bara’s book – Sewing in a Straight Line the projects are fun and easy.

Hmmm, what to sew next!?!



  1. Such a versatile pattern and I love your fabric choices!

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