Posted by: Winged Knits | May 17, 2011

Breezy Blues

Yay! The little 3 summer pattern e-book that I have been working on is ready! My husband Ethan added fantastic-ly  fun artwork to make it something special. And my friend Carrie Bostick Hoge took the photos on a crazy windy day.

Here are the 3 patterns that are included:


(here is the Ravelry link for more photos and info: )


(here is the Ravelry link for more photos and info- )


(here is the Ravelry link for more photos and info- )

The pattern are available via the Ravelry links above for $6.00 each as regular pdf’s (sorry no fun artwork in the individuals) or all 3 are available in the e-booklet Breezy Blues through this Ravelry link-

Thank you so much for visiting, this was a really fun project for me!



  1. Really gorgeous!! Will be buying this ebook soon!

  2. Looks wonderful Cecily!

  3. Very pretty! They look like fun patterns~

  4. You are very talented!

  5. The book is lovely. I’ll be casting on for drifting as soon as I can dig out those 3 skeins of matching sock yarn that have been marinating in my stash for too long. The perfect little summer cardi!

  6. I am really loving this collection (and your latest for St Denis, come to think of it! gorgeous colour and silhouette on that one).
    Would drifting be easy to make with stripes? I have two perfect skeins of sock yarn in mind (one coral and one purple) and am wondering if the construction would allow for it. (Loving Current and tidal as well)

  7. It’s realy charming! I bought the pattern of Tilda… and wil begin soon… thank you for your beautiful creativity…

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