Posted by: Winged Knits | March 2, 2011

Print Patterns now available at Jimmy Beans Wool!

I just went to the Jimmy Beans Wool website and my heart actually jumped, my first printed patterns are now listed there! I am so thrilled to get to work with the wonderful team at Jimmy Beans Wool. (Thank you so much!)

Here is a quick pic that I took as I was getting the patterns packed and ready to ship to Jimmy Beans. The patterns are in color on 8 1/2″ by 11″ quality paper and packaged in a recycled paper large envelope hand stamped and labeled by me.

The first 7 of my patterns that are available in printed version at Jimmy Beans Wool are: Goodale, Kira, Hollyhock, Jetty, Idlewood, Candelia, and Breakwater. You can see them on the Jimmy Beans page here:

Thank you for visiting!




  1. Those look great! I love the extra touch with the hand stamped envelope 🙂

  2. Congratulations! That’s great news. Love those envelopes! I’d buy muslin drawstring project bags with your stamps in a heartbeat. They’re so cute! Blue Sky makes these kinds of bags – wish you would, too (like you don’t have enough to do).

  3. how exciting! Congrats and they look fabulous!

  4. Bethany here with JBW! We are equally as excited to have your patterns! I’m trying to bribe someone at the shop to knit me up a Goodale sweater. It’s just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life!!!

    Thanks for letting us share your patterns. 🙂

    The Jimmy Beans Wool folks

  5. We are so excited to have your patterns in the shop Cecily! I’ve already bought 3 of them and I can hardly resist buying the rest… the packaging is genius! A friend and I are going to start an Idlewood KAL soon! So glad you are part of the JBW family now! 🙂

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