Posted by: Winged Knits | October 7, 2010

Two In Blue

I have 2 new patterns that went up this week, one for Quince and Co’s weekly e-letter and one self published.  Both in blue and both in Quince yarns!

Here is Sabrina, the pattern includes instructions for both fingerless mitts and mittens knit in Quince and Co. Tern (a gorgeous blend of Tussah silk and wool)-

And here is Coveside, (below I will explain my inspiration for this design) knit in the super soft and plump, yet sturdy, quick to knit Quince and Co. Osprey

I designed Coveside with some knitter friends in mind.  They knit beautiful socks, shawls, baby garments, etc. but 3 of them have yet to complete an adult garment for themselves.  Me, being totally addicted to knitting sweaters, am convinced that they MUST knit themselves a sweater.  However, understanding that there may be some fear in committing tons of time, money and yarn on a full sweater, have decided that a vest would be okay too.  So here is Coveside- it is a very un-intimidating (is that a word?) knit with enough details to keep one interested.  Coveside is knit in one piece up to the armholes, then split for the fronts and back.  Stitches are bound off for the shoulders and the neck stitches are placed on holders.  Then the neck stitches from the fronts and back are simply all placed on one needle and joined together to form the collar.

The only finishing is sewing up the shoulders (which I did without paying any mind to trying to line up the ribs to keep it simple) and sewing on the buttons.

Osprey is a super quick to knit yarn, for this pattern I worked it on a size 10 1/2 needle and the soft and springy yarn made this project knit up in a flash.  A lot faster than is would have taken me to knit socks!

Because Coveside is mostly knit in 1 x 1 rib and Osprey is a plied 100% wool (non superwash) yarn, it allows you extra play when blocking.  If your piece looks a bit small, simply wet block and pin the piece with the ribbing open more and let dry.  If it looks a bit large, wet block and push the ribs so that the knit stitches are right up against each other and allow to dry.  Please note: in my experience acrylic yarn, many alpaca yarns, single ply yarns and superwash wools will not allow as much play in the blocking process as a 100% wool, plied yarn will.

Coveside had buttons at the top that maybe all be buttoned and the collar worn up, or just button one or two and allow the collar to fold over. Coveside may also be knit as a long vest, by simply knitting the piece to a longer length before following the split for fronts and back instructions in the pattern, and, of course, you will need more yarn.

The pattern in available here for $5.50.

All of the photos were taken by the amazing Carrie Bostick Hoge.


AND, it’s not blue or in Q, but have you seen Cirilia Rose’s new design Aidez,  it is perfect!



  1. Really cute cardi. The pictures are magnifique!

  2. All beautiful! I can see myself knitting each one.

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