Posted by: Winged Knits | July 6, 2010

Welcome Quince and Co. yarn company (and a hat)!

Yes, I have been talking about the arrival of Quince and Co yarn company for some time now, but now they are launched and live!  I am just so excited about this company and their beautiful yarns.  The first four Quince yarns, Chickadee, Lark, Osprey and Puffin are composed of 100% beautiful American wool.   Each yarn has been specifically designed to work best for their weight- the twist, the wool used, and the number of plies has been tried and tested and re- worked until just right.  And of course, with Pam and Carrie at the helm, the array of colors is just stunning.  No matter who produced these beautiful yarns, I would have fallen in love with them.  However, having them be the dream of such truly talented, kind, amazing women who are aware of the affect of manufacturing on our world, makes these yarns perfect. I can not stress enough how worthy these yarns are of trying and I hope that you fall as madly for them as I have!

Pam and Carrie have designed some wonderfully simply beautiful designs (I may have a few there too) to launch the collection. And because I can’t keep Quince yarns out of my hands, I have another hat pattern in Chickadee that is available for purchase.  I am calling it the Welcome Hat and it takes 2 hanks of Chickadee. Welcome to our world Quince and Co!

Welcome Hat is a wide brim beret with the crown in a deceivingly super simple to knit and remember lace pattern.

Welcome Hat (pattern is available for purchase here for $4.00)



  1. I can’t wait to try Quince yarns…just love your Welcome Hat! Into my queue it goes!

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