Posted by: Winged Knits | June 8, 2010

Solstice Skirt

Knitting Green: Conversations and Planet Friendly Patterns by Ann Budd is out!  I am just thrilled that one of my designs, Solstice Skirt, was picked to be in this lovely book along side such talented designers!

This is my Solstice Skirt-

Solstice by Classic Elite Yarns is one of the yarns in their earth conscious Verde line, it is composed of 70% organic cotton and 30% wool.  Solstice is a very soft, smooth and round yarn that shows off stitch patterns beautifully.

As I have said before, I just love knitted skirts!  The idea for the design of Solstice Skirt was inspired by the look of the fringe-y flapper era dresses, the way that the solid panels of the lace pattern I used are set up next to the yarn over sections, for me, was reminiscent of that.  The skirt is simply shaped by changing the size of the needle used.  It starts at the bottom with the largest size and ends at the waist with the smallest.  This also allows for the fabric to be lighter and more swing-y at the bottom and a bit more strong and stable at the top of the skirt.

A turned hem with a length of elastic threaded through it, makes it easy to adjust the skirt to a perfect fit.

Be sure to check out the blog posts from some of the other designers featured in Knitting Green as the blog tour continues!

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June 9: Cecily Glowik MacDonald

June 10: Veronik Avery

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June 13: Sandi Wiseheart

June 12: Carmen Hall, Q&A with Ann Budd

June 14: Katie Himmelberg

Melissa LaBarre and I also have a book coming out with Interweave next month, called New England Knits.

If you are going to be attending TNNA this weekend please stop by and see us at the Interweave booth Saturday at 11 am!

Thank you:)


  1. Beautiful skirt, Cecily. But where’s the new pattern? Where’s the new pattern? Where’s the new pattern? I’m just pretend nagging you; please don’t rush. But I can’t wait for you to release it! 🙂

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