Posted by: Winged Knits | May 8, 2010


Condesa from Twist Collective Spring/Summer 2010

The Design:

I’m not someone who looks good in a pair of shorts.  So my summer wardrobe consists of dresses and skirts.  I love to design and knit skirts, they can be constructed so that they are easy to knit and don’t require a lot of seaming.  Adding a length of elastic slipped through a hemmed casing at the top, as in Condesa, makes it easy to adjust the fit.

The idea for Condesa was born while I was walking along a wooden boardwalk that wove through tall beach grass and toward the ocean.  The eyelets at the bottom branch out to form lines of stockinette stitch which mimic the tall strands of grass. The rustic quality of the yarn (Be Sweet Bambino) reminded me of the beauty of the worn wood on the walkway.

The Styling:

I really like that other designers have been offering their take on other ways that they imagined their creations could be styled.  Here are a few of mine for Condesa:

Cool Weather, Summer Day 1, Summer Day 2, and Casual.



  1. oo, I really like this skirt 🙂

    and all of the styling ideas.

  2. This skirt, which I have been admiring since it came in Twist, looks even cuter on you. They should have taken your styling ideas!

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