Posted by: Winged Knits | December 7, 2009

Patterns, patterns, patterns

I have added 2 new patterns available for purchase.

One is a cozy little neckwarmer called Posies (like “pocket full of”)

Buy Now

and the other is a versatile cardi (that I have already worn 1 million times!) called Landry.

Buy Now

Also, I have a pattern (for free!) coming out in the December 7th, 2009 Classic Elite Webletter for my Giselle Hat and Ascot set.

And later this month, Melissa and I will be presenting a free hat pattern on the blog for our book “New England Knits”, so please visit us there too!


  1. Hi Cecily,

    My name is Lucinda and I am from Australia. I am knitting the Big Montana Tunic (from Interweave Knits) for my mum – I have done the band and that is fine but I am having trouble with the lace panel – not sure if is a language difference with the American and Australian knitting language or me, but I have completed what seems to be more difficult project before and have been knitting for 20 years. With the rounds 1 and 3 it says to work in St St (knit on rs and purl on WS) – also a little confused with rev ST st – does that just mean purl ? I would normally ask my mum for help but she is on holidays and I wanted to knit it as a surpise for her. Hope you can help me.


    • Hi Lucinda,
      When working Rev St st in the round, you purl on all rnds. When working Rev St st in rows (flat, back and forth) you purl on the RS and knit on the WS.
      Thank you for knitting my design!

      • Hi Cecily,

        Thanks for responding so quickly- also with the lace panel – rounds 1 and 3 are worked in Stocking Stitch – (knit on rs and Purl on the WS) would that mean I will do the 13 stitches in knit as I am knitting on circular needle ?


      • Hi,
        I’m sorry I missed that part of your question. Yes, when working St st in the rnd, the sts are knit on every rnd:)

      • Thank-you – really looking forward to knitting the project – luckily the weather here is still quite warm so the vest isn’t needed as yet – probably have until the end of April

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