Posted by: Winged Knits | October 21, 2009

Which pattern to write first?

I just got my haircut and decided it was a good time to finally get some pictures of the sweaters that I want to self publish.  None of the patterns are written yet and I would love some help deciding which to get done first.  Here are the pics and they are under the ” New Designs” tab on my Ravelry projects page.  Which ever gets the most “hearts” (or any!) by this weekend will go first.  I will leave them there and use the # of hearts to decide what the order is for the rest:) Thank you!

Fav Tall Flower

Fav Boucle

Fav Blue

Fav Stripe




  1. Hi Cecily! I’ll heart them on Ravelry too; but I vote for publication in the order of #1, #5, #2, #4, #3. You’ve been productive!

  2. I hearted my fave or Rav as well, but please please please write up the flower cardi — I love it! (The others are lovely as well, I’m just hugely partial since I can imagine myself really wearing the cardi….)

  3. Ravelry isn’t letting me look at that page… it’s blank! But, I vote for #1. that last one looks…. familiar! 😉

  4. Oooh, these are ALL so pretty! I’ll pop over to Ravelry, but I am really torn between the first one and the third one.

  5. I’ve “voted” on Rav too. I love them all, but I love #1 best.

  6. The top one! Also yay self-publishing – so delighted to see you heading in this direction 😀

  7. […] of Cecily and Kumara, check out Cecily’s latest line up of designs. You can vote for which one you’d like for her to release first. I’m pulling […]

  8. A wonderful assortment! I vote for #1 first.

  9. Definitely the tall flower cardi! Very cute ! I would love with a green yarn(I always have a tendency to green yarn;)!

  10. they are all wonderful!!! you’ve been a busy bee. i vote for the first one—is that Kumara? 🙂

  11. WOW! you are prolific! Rock on.

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