Posted by: Winged Knits | August 4, 2009

Some of my CEY Fall 09 Designs

The CEY Fall Booklets are out!  I love the photos, the patterns and the new yarns.  It is a really wonderful season for CEY.

            Here are some of my designs-_MG_2289_SELECTThis is my favorite design of the ones I did for CEY this season, I think it is pretty and very easy to wear.  I love the yarn, CEY’s Giselle, it is soft and cozy, looks great in lace and stockinette stitch and the colors are amazing!  Ravel it












This one is a really fun knit, it has the one substantial lace panel in the back and then the rest is Stockinette.  The buttons are “cover your own buttons” that I covered in a corduroy in autumn colors. Ravel it                                                                

This cardi has my favorite Lace pattern of the moment, it has lace and bobbles!    












It is knit in a wool cotton blend

so it can be worn (almost) year round.

Ravel it














I really like the picture of my Ariosa dress (left) on a very animated

model in front of an ice cream stand.

In the dress the waist shaping is moved in toward the center

which can give the illusion of a smaller waist.

Ravel it

The Wool Bamboo pullover (on right) is worked 

from the neck down which makes it easy to adjust the 

length of the body and sleeves.

Ravel it



This hat in portland Tweed is pictured in the “Floppy Version”,

but the pattern is also written for a non-floppy, more watch cap fit, 


Ravel it










I adore this beret and at the photoshoot I think that

everyone had it on at some point!

It is a simple, quick knit and the decreases

form a star design at the top.

Ravel it







It’s a hat, it’s a scarf…

it’s both!

Ravel it

















I had named these “Tall Flower” Mitts.

The flower design reminds me of tall wild flowers

with lots of leaves on the stems and 

a single blossom at the top.

Ravel them


And here is Giselle again (I love this yarn!).

It can also be worn as a cowl.

_MG_2233Ravel it

Thank you for visiting.  I’m hoping to get a chance to post about my designs in the current issues of Interweave and Knitscene soon!



  1. Loving the Wool Bamboo Pullover! Yay for new patterns!!
    Happy knitting!

  2. nice work, lady! everything is beautiful. I really love that green back panel lace cardi.

  3. So many wonderful designs!! How do you do it…you are staggeringly prolific!

  4. Ohlala! I hadn’t realized those were all yours… We just ordered a huge amount of yarn and books from CEY yesterday. Sure wish you would come see us! Any chance you will go to the Fiber Revival in Newbury on August 15?

  5. I would love to come visit! Unfortunately, with the CEY SP10 photoshoot in a week and a half, I won’t be going anywhere. I’m hoping next month I can make it by, I am dying to see your shop!

  6. Have just started knitting your CEY Chesapeake Cardi. Wish I could talk to you about sleeve length (pictures vs. measurements on the little design sketch), but I guess I’ll try chatting with the folks at my LYS about this.

  7. They’re all gorgeous! But that red one…. that’s going to get knit sooner rather than later. Wow. Really really gorgeous. Thanks so much for the inspiration. 🙂

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