Posted by: Winged Knits | June 17, 2009

Update and TNNA

I have been away from my blog for quite sometime, working at CEY and working on the book has kept me super busy!
Melissa Labarre and I have received word on the finalized book title “New England Knits” and will soon be blogging about the process/ progress on the new I am so incredibly excited about our book and working with our “dream team” at Interweave has just been amazing. The photoshoot for the New England Knits will be next month and our final deadline for projects/ patterns is the end of this month. Which also happens to be the date when the CEY booklets need to go to the printer! I know it will all get done, but the next couple of weeks will be even crazier than usual. (Is that really possible?)
Visit Melissa’s wonderful blog for more about our trip to TNNA and her lovely photography:)
Here are just a few pic from a wonderful TNNA dinner with some wonderfully talented women.

And here is a quick pic of me in my Pear Top that came out this week in CEY’s webletter. It is one of my favorites, but it is not getting much ravelry love!

Thank you for visiting and keep an eye out for the New England Knits blog coming soon to Knitting Daily!



  1. I definitely don’t there’s a lack of love for your sweater. Cey’s websitehas exceeded it’s bandwidth, so no one can see it, not even me 😦

    • Obviously, I shouldn’t comment from my phone, or I should proofreader before I send!

  2. Can’t wait to see New England Knits…..and I love the Pear Top!

  3. New England Knits! That’s great! I’ve been waiting anxiously for this book ever since you and Melissa announced it on your respective blogs.

    And the Pear Top is lovely and very cute!

    • There’s a problem with CEY’s website so folks can’t get to the newsletter or pattern. From what I’ve seen it is gorgeous and I absolutely would love to make it!

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