Posted by: Winged Knits | April 25, 2009

Spring! (and photoshoot 2)

Leaving work today it felt like Spring is actually here! With the good news I received this week and the change in the weather I am feeling very re-vitalized. I just worked and slept (well, mostly worked and tried to fit in sleep!) through the winter, and it was a very long winter.
Speaking of winter, here is the continuation of the CEY Fall 09 photoshoot. I can’t show the garments yet, but I can say there are many beautiful, beautiful items.
The house that we stayed in was quite a change from my condo that is located next to the commuter rail and close to the highway connector. This was the view from the room that I slept in-

That is a snow covered lake beyond the trees. It was a lovely place to wake and the quiet at night was incredible. After living in Brooklyn, NY for years, Lowell, MA seemed quiet, but not compared to this!

Here is a view of some of the set up for the lighting in the dining area.

Very, very cool summer cabin turned year round artsy home.

This is the styling area in between quick changes-

And here are a few of pics of the actual shooting-shooting



I really, really am going to attempt to post more often now that Spring is here!
Also- Please check out Melissa’s hat called Bea profits go to a very worthy cause.
If you are a member of Ravelry, you can see my designs here as soon as the booklets become available!



  1. Looks fun…but a wee bit chilly too!

  2. those two fair isle yoke pullovers in the photoshoot shots are calling my name….

    it is 80 in philly today. ugh. missing spring.

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