Posted by: Winged Knits | March 30, 2009

Photo shoot adventure

I left Wednesday at 8 am to go up to Portland to spend time in Pam’s office working on some finishing for the CEY Fall 08 photo shoot. The day went by quickly and smoothly and in the late afternoon Pam, Betsy, Carrie, Francis and I were off to Hope, ME to the house that would be the location for the shoot. What an adventure that turned out to be! I went up in my own car because I had planned on only staying through Thursday. After a lovely drive through some small towns in ME, I found the road that the house was on easily. However the road quickly turned from road to is-this-really-still-a-road?road
This picture is where the “road” was still driveable as long as I went very, very slow. I then went through a closed camp of some sort and actually backed up to turn around thinking that I really wasn’t supposed to be driving there. I re-read the directions and they said to drive through the camp. This is where I saw this R2D2 trash barrel upside down.
Finally I saw some cars parked up ahead, but none that I recognized. As I approached I found that the cars were not in fact parked, but had got stuck in the mud/ice/water with a covering of snow. And my car was now stuck too, and I mean STUCK. At this point I had no idea where the house was and all I could see were, what I believed to be, portable shacks for ice fishing, a lake, and woods.
I called Pam who told me that I was within walking distance of the house, and then there was a knock on my window. Three of the models had already arrived and had found the house after their cars got stuck and had come back down the road. We tried rocking, pushing, shoveling, but could not get the cars out. Luckily someone put in a call to a friend with a truck, who lived not to far away, and about an hour or so later and a few moments of feeling my- car- may- not- get- out- of- this- ditch- until -warmer- weather, my car came free!
The other two cars where released and down the road, further away from the house we drove until we reached more solid ground to park on. (The mud was only a few inches deep.)
At this point the rest of the group had arrived and we hiked stuff down the mud road, through the camp, past the boat ramp and ice fishing houses, up a big icy hill section of the road and finally down the “driveway” to the house. There were many trips to and from the cars to the house, but the darker it got, the more amazing the night sky was. An incredible amout of stars were visible and they were so bright that it seemed as if you could just jump up and grab them!
Carrie at the bottom of the big icy hill
Wonderful Carrie almost to the top of the big icy hill!
I have some more pics and info from the photo shoot that I will share later this week.


  1. omg, you were NOT kidding about that big, icy hill! i love how maine is still pretending it’s winter. if it’s going to be this cold, i’d rather be there and have some snow to look at!

  2. I’ve only had minimal amount of experience driving in the snow (when I lived in Kentucky 2 1/2 yrs ago), but I was told to always keep a bag of kitty litter in my trunk in case I ever got stuck. Not sure if this holds true for those areas that get a great deal more snow, but maybe worth checking out? Glad you got to where you needed to be though!

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