Posted by: Winged Knits | January 25, 2009


I posted my first did- it- myself free pattern pdf on Ravelry. It is called Warmer

warmercowl1warmerhairdown1 The yarn (Terra by The Fibre Co ) is so beautiful, I couldn’t wait to make something with it. Then I decided that I wanted to share it, but my photography skills left my pics yellowed! Well, soon I will get some help with my photography and pdf problems. I had to get some free trial to convert a doc to a pdf, I’m sure that there is a better way? I’m going check with some friends tomorrow on that, and how to add a pattern link to this. I’m hoping that if I just keep trying, I will eventually become better at blog posting!warmer



  1. Hi Cecily! Looks great, I looove Terra! If you’re working on a Mac you can create PDFs by hitting ‘Print’, there is a little option there to Save as PDF. It’s weird and counterintuitive, odd for an Apple product but oh well!

    Good luck (I’m techno-challenged too =)

  2. Ah, hitting print! We do have a Mac at home. I just kept looking in the drop down save menu and was sure there was a “save as” a pdf, and I just couldn’t see it. I will check out the print menu as soon as I get home. Thank you Cirlia! (Terra is so amazing!)

  3. you’re already a good blogger, you post more than i do! plus, you made a link! you can always ask me anything you want too.
    love the neckwarmer!

  4. the neckwarmer is so cute! what a great idea for 1 skein.
    If you want, i would be happy to put into a cute spiffy pdf for you – I use illustrator and acrobat to do mine, so have no advice, sadly, unless you are using those programs.

    (and fyi the site is about to *totally change* so that link is going to break in a matter of days. i’ll let you know when it goes live).

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